Pain Massage

"Kneading, pressing, rolling, pushing, holding, pinching, and patting" are the professional massage techniques of Baoyun Pain Therapist, which are used to relieve the patient's injuries, specific acupoints or painful parts.

Different from ordinary massage, it uses the principle of meridian and acupuncture points to treat deep parts, and cooperates with massage techniques to relax each group of muscles, meridians, and soft tissues, so as to relieve pain in time and achieve immediate results. "If there is no pain, it will be unblocked, and if it is unblocked, there will be no pain." When the meridian obstruction is solved, problem, the pain problem will be solved.

Mainly aimed at:

Shoulder and neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, fasciitis, disc herniation.

Special Electromagnetic Therapeutic Apperatus

Combined with electromagnetic waves from professional equipment, the combination of Chinese and Western medicine can quickly relieve pain, clear meridians, eliminate fatigue, and speed up recovery in an all-round way.

Gua sha and Cupping

For early stage colds or pain, scraping can dredge qi and blood meridians, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and dispel wind and dispel evil spirits. Gua sha can also be used in daily health care, relieving fatigue, clearing meridians, and achieving the effect of strengthening the body and dispelling evil spirits. If you feel pain during scraping, it means that Qi and blood are not flowing smoothly. Usually, the less healthy the area, the higher the pain. The color of the scraping is dark, red or purple, which means the symptoms are serious.



Dark purple or crimson indicates that the body currently has qi and blood stasis and poor circulation.

If it is bright red or light red, it means there is heat evil or heat in the body.

Cupping has always been one of the main methods of external treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. It can help us absorb the "negative energy" in the body and suck out the evil spirits in the body, causing local skin congestion. For people with too much moisture and poor qi and blood flow, cupping Like a scavenger, it can play a role in cleaning and dredging.


1What is the difference between pain massage and massage?
There is essentially no big difference between massage and massage. But from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, massage is more about technique. For example, the more common methods of kneading and pushing with the base of the palm, etc., are quite a test of the doctor's skill in order to achieve dredging. The effect of meridians, promoting blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis.
2How often is the ideal time to perform cupping?
Basically, cupping is enough once a week to give the skin some time to repair.
3After cupping, some parts of the skin show bruises and blood stasis. Is this normal?
After cupping, if the local skin is bruised and bruised, it is generally normal and will subside on its own. However, if the blood stasis persists or the blisters are too large, you should seek medical attention for proper treatment to prevent infection.
4Will long-term acupuncture harm the body?
Won't. Some people point out that relying on acupuncture for a long time to regulate the movement of qi and blood will have a negative impact on the body and even damage the vitality, but in fact this is not the case. Acupuncture treatments are generally performed one to three times a week, depending on the individual needs of the patient. Acupuncture will only help regulate and recuperate the body, and is not harmful in any way.