Traditional Bone Setting (Tit Tar)

Traditional Bone Setting, or Tit Tar is the common name of "Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopedics and Traumatology". It is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that focuses on correcting musculoskeletal issues and aligning the body's structure, often through manual manipulation and adjustment. Bone setting Hong Kong is specialized in treating various pain conditions, reducing injuries and injuries, and combining with traditional Chinese medicine for internal and external application to achieve the functions of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, reducing swelling and relieving pain.

Tit Tar Treatments for pain in various body parts include:

Falls, sprains, bruises, strains, fractures and sprains, rheumatic pain, old illnesses, blood stasis, fascia inflammation, tennis elbow swelling and pain, shoulder and neck pain, hand and foot pain, low back pain, sciatica, joint pain, Muscle soreness, golfers, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, sciatica, neck, shoulder and back pain, sports trauma, knee joint pain, occupational strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, geriatric joint degeneration, lumbar muscle strain, etc. .

Focused Shockwave Therapy

Bone setting or Tit Tar treatment combined with the focused shock wave of professional equipment, it can penetrate 44mm deep into the fascia layer, combining Chinese and Western methods to quickly relieve pain and speed up recovery in all directions.


The principle of acupuncture is to use acupuncture and fire to treat acupoints on the human body. The key point is to find the right acupoints and stimulate the acupoints to improve the flow of Qi in the meridians to achieve conditioning and regulation. The purpose of the body. Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture is widely used in various clinical disciplines. It is convenient and safe and has been deeply accepted by all walks of life for thousands of years.


Tian Moxibustion therapy

In addition to acupuncture therapy, we often hear about celestial moxibustion therapy during the dog days of summer. What is celestial moxibustion therapy? Tianmoxibustion therapy is a traditional therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. Tianmoxibustion is performed every summer and winter to prevent diseases. Among them, it is used to treat chronic diseases, especially those caused by nasal sensitivity, coldness of hands and feet, dysmenorrhea and other diseases caused by yang deficiency in the body.


Date of 2023 Tian Moxibustion therapy :





Date of 2023 Tian Moxibustion therapy :






Common Conditions Treated by Bone Setting Hong Kong

Bone setting Hong Kong has long been revered for its effectiveness in addressing a spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions.


Fractures and Dislocations

At the core of bone setting Hong Kong lies its expertise in treating fractures and dislocations. bonesetters HK employ a combination of ancient techniques and natural remedies to realign fractured bones and reset dislocated joints. The holistic philosophy underlying bone setting recognizes that the healing process extends beyond the physical realignment, encompassing the restoration of energy flow and balance within the body.


Chronic Joint Pains

Bone setting Hong Kong has proven effective in managing chronic joint pain. Whether stemming from arthritis, overuse, or other inflammatory conditions, bonesetters HK employ Tit Tar massage, manipulation, and herbal remedies to alleviate pain and improve joint mobility. The emphasis is not merely on symptom relief but on addressing the underlying imbalances contributing to the pain.


Muscle Strains and Sprains

Muscle strains and sprains are common occurrences, especially in physically demanding occupations. bonesetters HK approach these conditions with a combination of Tit Tar massage techniques, herbal compresses, and exercises aimed at promoting circulation and reducing inflammation. The goal is not only to alleviate immediate pain but also to prevent recurrent injuries by strengthening the affected muscles.


Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Injuries to tendons and ligaments can significantly impact mobility and function. Bone setting Hong Kong addresses these issues through specialized manipulation techniques and herbal treatments designed to enhance tissue healing and reduce inflammation. The holistic approach extends to considering the overall health of the patient, recognizing that optimal healing involves the coordination of various bodily systems.


Sciatica and Nerve Compression

Sciatica and nerve compression can cause radiating pain and discomfort. bonesetters HK employ targeted techniques to alleviate pressure on nerves, often combining bone setting massage, herbal remedies, and gentle stretching exercises. The holistic principles guide bonesetters HK in identifying not only the specific nerve compression but also the root causes contributing to the condition.


Postural Imbalances

Postural imbalances have become increasingly prevalent in our modern lifestyles. Bone setting Hong Kong recognizes the importance of maintaining proper alignment to prevent chronic pain and musculoskeletal issues. Bonesetters HK work with patients to address postural imbalances through a combination of manipulation, exercises, and lifestyle recommendations, fostering long-term postural health.


Sports Injuries

Athletes often receive Tit Tar treatment for the treatment of sports-related injuries. From sprained ankles to muscle strains, bonesetters HK tailor their approach to the unique demands of each sport and the specific injury sustained. The integrative nature of bone setting HK allows for a comprehensive treatment plan that includes rehabilitation and preventive measures to support athletes in their recovery and future performance.


Repetitive Stress Injuries

In occupations that involve repetitive movements, individuals are susceptible to repetitive stress injuries. Bone Setting Hong Kong addresses these injuries by focusing on both the localized symptoms and the broader patterns of movement that contribute to the condition. Herbal remedies and therapeutic exercises play a crucial role in promoting healing and preventing the recurrence of such injuries.


Pediatric Musculoskeletal Issues

Bone Setting Hong Kong is not limited to adult patients; it also extends its benefits to pediatric musculoskeletal issues. From developmental concerns to injuries sustained during childhood activities, bonesetters Hong Kong adapt their techniques to suit the unique needs of young patients. The gentle approach ensures that children receive effective care while considering their physical and emotional well-being.

The Role of Bonesetter Hong Kong


The bonesetter Hong Kong is always the key player in a bone clinic. Bonesetter HK is a skilled professional that plays a pivotal role in restoring musculoskeletal health through a combination of traditional techniques, familial knowledge, and a profound understanding of the human body.


Essential Principles

The bonesetter's role is rooted in fundamental principles that distinguish this practice. Central to bone setting is the belief in the body's inherent ability to heal itself. bonesetters HK navigate the complex network of bones, joints, and muscles with precision, guided by a deep understanding of anatomy and energy flow within the body.


Tit Tar Techniques

Bonesetters Hong Kong applied various Tit Tar techniques aimed at realigning bones and joints. From gentle manipulations to specialized massage, each movement is orchestrated with the intent to restore balance and functionality.


Collaboration with Modern Medicine

While deeply rooted in tradition, bonesetters Hong Kong are not isolated from the advancements of modern medicine. Many bonesetters HK actively seek collaboration with healthcare professionals, embracing a complementary approach to wellness.


Cultivating Empathy

The role of bonesetters Hong Kong sometimes transcends the physical realm. It involves cultivating empathy and understanding the emotional and spiritual aspects of their patients. This compassionate approach creates a therapeutic environment, where trust and connection flourish, contributing significantly to the overall effectiveness of the healing process.


Success Stories

One of the most gratifying aspects of the bonesetter's role is witnessing success stories. Patient testimonials become a testament to the effectiveness of bonesetter's craft, reinforcing the importance of preserving and respecting traditional bone setting healing practices.


Looking to the Future

As healthcare landscapes evolve, the bonesetters HK should have a forward-looking perspective. The ability to adapt to changing times, integrate modern knowledge, and explore innovative approaches ensures the continued relevance of bone setting.


Benefits of Bone Setting Hong Kong

Despite the prevalence of modern medical techniques, bone setting Hong Kong remains a compelling part of alternative medicine today. Bone setting can provide a variety of benefits and has attracted individuals to take the treatments.


Pain Relief

Bone setting focuses on the specific areas of discomfort and aims to directly address the source of pain. Through manual adjustments, bone setting may promote the body's natural healing processes, potentially reducing the need for pain medication. Also, manipulation of joints and soft tissues may help decrease inflammation, which is a common cause of pain.


Improvement in Mobility and Flexibility

By realigning joints and bones, bone setting can enhance the range of motion, which is often restricted due to pain or stiffness. It can help restore balance to muscles and joints by correcting imbalances, which can improve overall mobility and flexibility. Bone setting can also lead to better posture by realigning the spine and other structures, which can alleviate issues caused by poor posture.


Non-invasive and Drug-free Approach

As a non-invasive method, bone setting can sometimes serve as an alternative to surgical intervention for certain conditions. It offers a holistic approach that considers the entire body, aiming to treat the underlying causes of musculoskeletal issues, not just the symptoms.

Bone setting can be used in conjunction with other treatments such as physical therapy, exercise, and nutrition to support overall health and well-being.


When Should I Visit a Bone Clinic?


Bone clinics are suitable for individuals who are dealing with a variety of musculoskeletal issues, such as muscle and joint pain, sprains and strains, etc. Bonesetters HK are able to manage pain and bone injuries, especially for soft tissue and joint injuries caused by external forces such as bumps, sprains, strains and falls.


bonesetters may be needed if some of the following conditions occur:


Persistent pain: If pain persists after an injury, especially after simple treatments such as hot and cold compresses.

Swelling: If there is significant swelling in the injured area, or if the swelling continues to grow.

Dysfunction: If there is limited function in the injured area, such as decreased range of motion or inability to bear weight in a joint.

Abnormal symptoms: If there is a change in color (e.g., purple), temperature (e.g., unusually hot or cold), or sensation (e.g., numbness or tingling).

Dislocated or displaced joints: If you notice deformities in your limbs or dislocated or displaced joints.


When seeking bone setting or Tit tar treatment, you can choose to see a bonesetter Hong Kong with a registered Chinese medicine practitioner qualification, as they can also provide massage, acupuncture, herbal compresses, Chinese medicine, and other methods of treatment, so that a multi-pronged approach to get better results. PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC is a Chinese medicine clinic cum bone clinic  that provides Tit Tar treatment alongside Chinese medicine, so it can deal with pain and bone injury cases in a more comprehensive way.


Recommended Bone Clinic and bonesetter Causeway Bay


When it comes to recommendations for bone setting Hong Kong, there are many bone clinics all over Hong Kong. How to find a good bone clinic and bonesetter Causeway Bay? Avoiding the mistake of entering a shady bone clinic, many patients were originally a minor foot injury, but they are forced to afford the expensive Tit Tar treatment. Some patients do not want to pay the high price, they want to save the cost of Bone setting but delay the golden time for treatment. What can we do to protect ourselves? How to choose a recommended bone clinic and bonesetter Hong Kong?


When choosing a bone clinic, it is important to make sure that the bonesetter Hong Kong at the bone clinic has professional knowledge of Bone setting. The Chinese Medicine Practitioners Registration System in Hong Kong has also helped to narrow down the scope of searching for recommended bonesetter Hong Kong. The first and foremost condition for finding a recommended bone clinic is to find a bonesetter Hong Kong with a registered Chinese medicine practitioner's number to receive bone-setting treatment for your own better protection.


Finding a Chinese bone clinic with a registered Chinese medicine practitioner and bonesetter HK is only the first step to finding a recommended bone clinic in Hong Kong. The next step is to choose a bonesetter with good practice, because a good bonesetter is always the main reason for choosing the Bone clinic. Experienced bonesetters HK, who have handled countless cases, are more knowledgeable in providing bone setting or Tit Tar treatment to their patients. Apart from a good bonesetter, the environment is also a factor to consider a bone clinic. A comfortable and hygienic treatment room and bone setting massage beds, together with other ancillary facilities, will provide patients with a better bone setting or Tit Tar treatment experience and results.


Based on the above factors, PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC can be regarded as a recommended bone clinic and bonesetter Causeway Bay. First of all, Dr. Lai Po Wan is a qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioner with registration No. 0066851, and the bonesetter in this bone clinic have enriched academic qualifications in Chinese medicine: Bachelor of Chinese Medicine from the Hong Kong Baptist University and Bachelor of Health Sciences (Chinese Medicine) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. Secondly, PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC has a very comfortable, spacious and clean environment. In addition, the bone clinic has been recognized by the residents in the neighbourhood. Many people who work and live near and tried the services of our bonesetter Causeway Bay have introduced the bone clinic to their friends, so that PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC now has attracted more and more regular customers.


Although the theory of Chinese Medicine bone setting is not the same as its practical application, Dr. Lai Po Wan, bonesetter Causeway Bay, has proved that he is able to apply the theory of Chinese medicine to the Tit Tar treatment of his patients with his experience and knowledge. Dr. Lai will first carefully understand each patient's constitution and current physical condition, and will not provide different patients with the same Tit Tar treatment method. We apply the diagnostic methods of observation, hearing, questioning and cutting to assess which treatment is most suitable for the patient's condition, and then provide different Tit Tar treatments with the aid of Chinese medicine's meridian theory. We have bone clinics in Causeway Bay and Shau Kei Wan. The bone clinic at Causeway Bay is located in King Wah Center, while the bone clinic at Shau Kei Wan is located in the Shaukeiwan Centre, both bone clinics are easily accessible. If you are looking for a bonesetter Causeway Bay or Shau Kei Wan, PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC is a decent choice.


Recommended Bone Clinic by Dr. Lai Po Wan


PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC is a bone clinic hosted by Dr. Lai Po Wan, who is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner specializing in pain treatment and bone injuries treatment. Our practitioner and bonesetter Causeway Bay is making the use of traditional Chinese medicine, internal and external compresses, to achieve blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis, swelling and pain relief. The bonesetters at PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC are well versed in a wide range of bone injuries and pains: low back pain, joints, fractures, sciatica, spinal injuries, neck and shoulder pain, arthralgia, headache, frozen shoulder, lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, rheumatism, paralysis of the hands and feet, sports injuries, gout, contusions, bind and tie injuries, weight bearing and strain injuries, sprain, knee pain and weakness, tennis, shoulder pain, and so forth, and are capable of treating almost anything that comes to mind, just like the "encyclopedia" of bone setting.


In the era of information explosion, Dr. Lai is able to keep abreast of the times. With the development and continuous progress of medical science, the next generation bonesetters are not only proficient in Chinese medicine, but also absorbed the knowledge of Western medicine, such as central nervous system, physiology, anatomy, pathology, biomechanics and so on. Bonesetters at PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC are the bonesetters of new era with Chinese and Western medicine knowledge, from multiple angles to understand the pain of bone injury problems and tailored personalized treatments to patients, providing comprehensive solutions to the bone injury problems. So looking for the recommended bone clinic can look for PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC.


1. Will accident insurance accept receipts from the orthopedic clinic for Tit tar treatment compensation?
Some insurance companies only accept Tit tar treatment claims from registered Chinese medicine orthopedics departments and may not accept receipts from orthopedics clinics. It is recommended to check with the insurance company yourself first.
2. Is the price of the Bone setting expensive?
Our prices for Bone setting are fair and transparent, and there are no hidden charges. You are welcome to go online or contact us for inquiries about Bone setting. We have also received many neighborhood recommendations to relatives and friends.
3. What is the Tit tar treatment process for bruises in the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Traditional Chinese Medicine?
The Tit tar treatment process for bruises in the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Traditional Chinese Medicine starts with consultation, followed by reduction treatment. It is recommended that internal and external application for bruises be used to speed up recovery.
PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC has two branches, one is Causeway Bay Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, located in King Wah Centre, and the other is Shau Kei Wan Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, located in Shau Kei Wan Centre. Neighbors often refer Po Wan Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic to Introduce to friends and family. If you are looking for a bonesetter Causeway Bay or Shau Kei Wan, please have a shot at PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC.
5. What should you pay attention to after Bone setting ?
After Bone setting, the wound should be kept away from water, gauze can also be applied externally with traditional Chinese medicine, and the injured area can be wrapped with plastic wrap when bathing.
6. What is the difference between a bone clinic and an orthopedic clinic?
While both bone clinics and orthopedic clinics are concerned with the musculoskeletal system, they differ in their approaches and the scope of services they offer. A bone clinic typically focuses on non-invasive treatments and using the traditional manipulation techniques for treating musculoskeletal issues, while an orthopedic clinic may offer a broader range of medical treatments, including surgery and pharmacotherapy, for musculoskeletal conditions.
7. Can anyone undergo Tit tar treatments?
Most individuals can benefit from Tit tar treatments, but it is important to have a thorough assessment by a qualified practitioner or bonesetter Hong Kong first. Some conditions, such as fractures or severe osteoporosis, may require alternative medical treatments rather than Tit tar treatments.
8. How long does a typical Tit tar treatment session last?
A typical Tit tar treatment session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity and severity of the condition being treated.
9. Is bone setting or Tit tar treatment painful?
Bone setting or Tit tar treatment can involve a range of manual techniques, including manipulation of joints and soft tissues, adjustments, and alignments. While bone setting or Tit tar treatment can sometimes be uncomfortable or cause temporary pain during or immediately after the session, it should not be excessively painful. Qualified bonesetters Hong Kong at CHINESE bonesetter CLINIC aim to minimize discomfort while effectively treating the issue. If you experience significant pain, swelling, or other concerning symptoms after a Bone setting session, contact your bonesetter immediately for advice.
10. How many Bone setting or Tit tar treatments will I need?
The number of Bone setting or Tit tar treatments required varies depending on the individual's condition. Some may feel relief after just one Tit tar session, while others with more chronic issues may need a series of Bone setting or Tit tar treatments. The bonesetter will evaluate the patient's condition and recovery progress to develop an appropriate treatment plan.
11. Are there any risks associated with bone setting Hong Kong?
As with any form of manual therapy, there are risks if bone setting treatment is performed incorrectly. If the manipulation techniques are not performed correctly, there is a risk of causing further injury or pain. While some discomfort during and after bone setting treatment is common, there should not be severe pain. Improperly performed bone setting treatments can lead to increased pain and discomfort. It's important to seek bone setting treatment from a qualified and experienced bonesetter Hong Kong to minimize risks.
12. How do I prepare for a bone setting session?
Before your bone setting session, wear loose and comfortable clothing that allows access to the affected area. Avoid eating a large meal right before your bone setting session, and be prepared to discuss your medical history with the bonesetter. If you are receiving other medical treatments or taking medications, please inform the bonesetter first to ensure that the bone setting treatment is compatible with your overall treatment plan.
13. Can I get a doctor's note after seeing a bonesetter at your bone clinic?
PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC has registered Chinese medicine practitioners in our bone clinic. Therefore, after seeing a Bone-setter in our clinic, the Chinese medicine practitioner will be able to issue a Chinese medicine certificate to the client.
14. Can bone setting treatments be combined with other forms of therapy or treatment?
Yes, Bone setting or Tit tar treatment can often be used in conjunction with other therapy or treatments, such as acupuncture or massage therapy, to enhance healing effect. You can consult with practitioners or bonesetters at PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC for a coordinated treatment plan.
15. Can bone setting or Tit tar treatment cure arthritis?
Bone setting or Tit tar treatment cannot cure arthritis, as arthritis is typically a chronic condition characterized by the degeneration of joint cartilage and the underlying bone. But Bone setting or Tit tar treatment may help manage some symptoms such as pain and improve joint mobility, it should be used as a complementary treatment alongside other medical advice.
16. How are Bone setting or Tit tar treatments usually charged?
The price of Bone setting or Tit tar treatments varies according to the type of treatment, plus the fact that some cases require internal medicine and external medicine, while some do not, so the final cost varies according to the situation. Each item of Bone setting price details are listed on the website of PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC, the average cost of a single Bone setting session is about $250-480, our Bone setting prices are open and transparent, and there are no unfair extra charges.
17. Can children undergo bone setting or Tit Tar treatment?
Children can sometimes undergo bone setting or Tit Tar treatment, but there are several important considerations. Firstly, the bonesetter should have experience and is comfortable working with children. Secondly, the bone setting or Tit Tar Treatments for children must be gentler than those for adults. An experienced bonesetter who works with children will use techniques that are safe and appropriate for the child's developmental stage. Thirdly, after treatment parents should closely monitor their child for any adverse reactions or complications and report them to the bonesetter.
18. Is bone setting Hong Kong regulated?
Traditional Chinese medicine, including bone setting Hong Kong, is regulated by the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong. Practitioners and bonesetters Hong Kong are required to be registered with the CMCHK and obtain a license to practice legally. Patients looking to receive bone setting treatments in Hong Kong should seek out practitioners or bonesetters HK who are registered to ensure they are receiving care from a qualified bonesetter.
19. Do I need to make an appointment to attend your bone clinic?
It is not required to schedule an appointment before visiting our bone clinic and walk-ins may be accommodated. But booking an appointment ensures that you will have a dedicated time slot with a bonesetter who can evaluate and address your specific needs. To make an appointment, please contact our bone clinic directly through phone or email, whichever is available.
20. Why is PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC a recommended bone clinic?
There are several factors to consider when choosing a good bone clinic. PO WAN CHINESE BONESETTER CLINIC is recognized as a bone clinic with professional knowledge and qualifications, as evidenced by the fact that Dr. Lai Po Wan is registered as a qualified Chinese medicine practitioner. In addition, our bone clinic has a comfortable environment, good reputation, reasonable price and convenient location, which makes us a recommended bone clinic.